Diana Gabaldon – Outlander | Review

Outlander is a story of a woman named Claire who by accident travels 200 years back in time. It describes her adventures in a time that isn’t her own and feelings she develops for her imprisoners, who in time become her friends and even family.


I loved every single bit of this story. Even in slower, “less interesting” scenes I felt the urge to keep and keep reading. I didn’t want to put the book down. I craved more and more, but as I read I realized I was approaching the books end. I, well, I didn’t want to finish it, so I tried to read little by little, to feel every word.
When I closed the book I was so nostalgic, as if I had left my home. I fell in love with the beautiful scenery I couldn’t see but could imagine, and amazingly developed characters who were so close to me as if they were made from blood and flesh.
I fell in love with Scottish customs and their way of life, everything seemed so easy, yet complicated and I was and still am fully sucked into the world I have discovered.

A year ago, when I bought this book I heard so many good things about it, I heard there even was a show being made, but I put it on my shelf and for a time forgot about it. Then, last week something hit me, I remembered how excited I felt to read this book when I bought it and the feeling returned, I then picked the book up, and I didn’t put down until I read it.


Now, I feel quite empty. I feel sad that I don’t get to play a part in the wonderful world of Claire, the outlander in the Highlands, the Sassenach. I feel sad not having such an interesting life. But I know that I can always return to the amazing Claire and Jamie and that gives me a little consolation.


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One Response to Diana Gabaldon – Outlander | Review

  1. Susan says:

    The best thing is that you’re at the beginning of your Outlander journey! So many more books to enjoy.

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